Electronic Float Switches

New Model 101

Water Witch Model 101 Water Witch Model 101 Measurement Diagram

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Introducing the Model 101 Electronic float replacement, the newest addition to the Water Witch bilge sensors. The Model 101 offers an affordable, more reliable alternative to the ordinary mechanical float switch, not to mention the fact that installation of the 101 is a nearly effortless task. So get rid of that old, unreliable float switch and go with a switch you can trust, a product backed by 20 years of experience in the marine industry.

Water Witch 101 Hose MountWater Witch 101 Pump Mount

Shown above are just some of the ways that the Model 101 can be mounted, keep in mind that it can also be mounted alone using the hole on the stainless mounting tab, and can be rotated from there to fine tune it to your bilge. When mounting the 101 on your pump's hose, the existing hose clamp can be used.

Model 101
12Vdc, Pump Size: 15 Amps.
Power at Rest: 0.004 Amps

Model 101 - 24V
24Vdc, Pump Size: 15 Amps.
Power at Rest: 0.004 Amps


Model 230 - 230/24

The Water Witch 230 or 230-24 submersible electronic bilge pump switch allows boat owners to forever rid themselves of the archaic outdated float switch. Instead of an unreliable and short-lived mechanical float switch, the 230 has no moving parts and requires no adjustments. This eliminates the chance of your battery dying or your pump burning out because of a jammed-on float switch. Temperature, humidity or electrical noise will not effect this switch, nor will it interfere with other electronics. This switch comes with an unprecidented 7 year limed warranty and is in use by both the Canadian and U.S.Coast Guards.

If it's good enough for them,......why not for you?

Model 230
12Vdc, Pump Size: 20 Amps.
Power at Rest: 0.006 Amps

Model 230-24
24/32Vdc, Pump Size: 15 Amps.
Power at Rest: 0.006 Amps